Five run away together – Enid Blyton


The «FAMOUS FIVE» are Julian, Dick, George (Georgina by rights), Anne, and Timothy the dog.
The Five are together again at Kirrin Cottage.
Because George’s mother is ill, they are left in the very unsatisfactory care of Mrs Stick, who has an unpleasant son, and a sailor husband.
To get away from the Sticks, they hide on Kirrin Island.
But they do not so easily escape.
The Sticks, too, appear on the island.
Their nefarious activities, and signals from a boat at sea, make the children suspect smuggling, but a child’s scream alters the whole picture.
And Timothy lives up to his reputation.


Más Datos del libro:
Título Five run away together
Autor Enid Blyton
Año Publicación 1943
Series Libro 3 en la The Famous Five serie
Formatos Epub, Mobi, PDF, Físico
Valoración Sin puntuación


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