The Starlight Barking – Dodie Smith


Dodie Smith’s The Hundred and One Dalmatians, later adapted by Disney, was declared a classic when first published in 1956.
The Starlight Barking, Dodie’s own long-forgotten sequel, is a thrilling new adventure for Pongo and his family.
As the story opens, every living creature except dogs is gripped by an enchanted sleep.
One of the original Dalmatian puppies, all grown up since the first novel, is now the Prime Minister’s mascot.
Relying on her spotted parents for guidance, she assumes emergency leadership for the canine population of England.
Awaiting advice from Sirius, the Dog Star, dogs of every breed crowd Trafalgar Square to watch the evening skies.
The message they receive is a disturbing proposition, one that might forever destroy their status as “man’s best friend.


Más Datos del libro:
Título The Starlight Barking
Autor Dodie Smith
Año Publicación 1966
Series Libro 2 en la 101 Dalmatians serie
Formatos Epub, Mobi, PDF, Físico
Valoración Sin puntuación


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