Futures 3 – AA. VV.


What does the future hold? Is there life beyond the stars? Will artificial intelligence take over the world? Is time travel possible? All of these questions and more are addressed every week in “Futures”, Nature’s science-fiction column.
Featuring short stories from established authors and those just beginning their writing career, “Futures” presents an eclectic view of what may come to pass.
Here you can dive into the entire collection and discover what may be lurking around the corner.
Prepare to be amazed, amused, stimulated and even outraged…


Más Datos del libro:
Título Futures 3
Autor AA. VV.
Año Publicación 2007
Series Libro 3 en la Nature’s Futures serie
Formatos Epub, Mobi, PDF, Físico
Valoración Sin puntuación


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